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Here at Montana Wake Co, we take pride in our comprehensive services, knowing that we supply Montana boaters with one of a kind solutions for their every need on the water. Not only can you easily schedule a service for your boat at our dealership, but you can do it at your convenience according to your needs and preferences. Our boat schedule service in Billings, MT is ideal for every make and model we sell in our inventory, including new and used boats from Centurion and Supreme. Whether your boat needs a simple check up or more complex repair work, we have the tools and skills to get you back to the Billings, MT waters again in no time.

Schedule Service

Let’s Restore Your Watercraft to Its Original Glory

Boat damage can vary in severity and type, so you must select professional Billings, MT boat schedule services for your most cherished water companion. Considering the damage that harsh weather and marine conditions can cause, we advise you to schedule a service for your boat in Billings, MT as soon as you spot any problem to avoid minor issues becoming big, expensive damages. Regular maintenance is the way to preserve the value of your investment, as it greatly improves your safety and performance on the Billings, MT waters. From inboard and outboard engine service to boat detailing and coating, we provide solutions that will serve you for years.

We Deliver Excellence in Every Repair

As soon as you arrive at our Billings, MT repair shop, our mechanics will carefully inspect your watercraft before starting any repair work. This way, they can choose the best tools and methods during your boat schedule service. After finishing the repairs, our Billings, MT team will do one final check to ensure everything is functioning well and working smoothly with the rest of your watercraft. To schedule a service for your boat, send an inquiry to our Billings, MT dealership or contact us today.

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