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Here at Montana Wake Co, we take pride in our comprehensive services, knowing that we supply Montana boaters with one of a kind solutions for their every need on the water. Not only can you easily schedule a service for your boat at our dealership, but you can do it at your convenience according to your needs and preferences. Our boat schedule service in Montana is ideal for every make and model we sell in our inventory, including new and used boats from Centurion and Supreme. Whether your boat needs a simple check up or more complex repair work, we have the tools and skills to get you back to the Montana waters again in no time.

Schedule Service

Get Your Boat Looking Better than Ever for the Montana Waters

Boat damage can come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to choose professional Montana boat schedule services when it comes to your most prized water companion. Given the havoc harsh weather and marine conditions can create, we recommend to schedule a service for your boat in Montana the minute you notice something wrong to prevent minor inconveniences from turning into large, costly damages. Frequent maintenance is the key to upholding the value of your investment, as it significantly enhances your safety and performance on the Montana waters. From inboard and outboard engine service to boat detailing and coating, we equip you with solutions that’ll last you for years to come.

Montana’s Most Trusted Team of Boat Mechanics

From the moment you enter our Montana Wake Co shop, our technicians will take the time to thoroughly assess your watercraft before conducting any repair work. By doing this, they can accurately determine the best tools and techniques to employ during your boat schedule service. After completing the repairs, our Montana team will conduct one final assessment to ensure everything is in working order and operating seamlessly with the rest of your watercraft. To schedule a service for your boat, simply submit an inquiry to our Montana dealership or call us today!

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